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October 06, 2006



Oh I have to get that for Murphy!!!! LOL


I'M DYING!! That's hilarious!! I don't think it would look as good on my mom's dogs...they're small pomeranians! (I do know of someone who is trying to get rid of a dog, but they want it to be permanent...)


This is sad, so very very sad. What people will think up next to do to their pets really scares me. :)


That's just cruel. Animal cruelty, I tell ya. :-)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

I loved the Yoda outfit too. I also liked the dog version of the "bloody axe through the head". My cousin sent me a bunch of pictures with the subject, "Why Dogs Bite." Pretty funny. :)

No Cool Story

The "lil bandito" costume is intriguing.
But NAY! I shall not make my poor dog the laughing stock in our neighborhood, its' bad enough that's he's scared of cats.
Millie wanted me to buy him a tutu at the mall the other night ('cause she is mean like that).


NCS you disappoint me...I was going to fly over and borrow your dog...

He needs that "lil bandito" costume to support his flagging spirits over the whole tutu episode! What could be more manly or virile than the fearsome Bandit?

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