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October 10, 2006



I soo hear you about the scary movies! I think the last one I saw was The Changeling (sp?), at least I think that was the name. It was 26 years ago and I have no intention of seeing another one. Loved reading your answers Shelly.


tootsie rolls are the best! I hear ya on foreign candy-Mexican candy is yucky. Everything has chile on it. And, yes, the Shining is for sure scary and I don't watch scary movies either, my mind is active enough to provide me with enough scares.
Love your old people costumes!


See that wasn't so bad. I thought you did a great job. Besides we just want to hear about you. The first picture sure looked creepy. You are so talented. Cool old people costumes too.


What a fun meme! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I will really enjoy doing this one. And, yes, tootsie rolls are addictively awesome. Especially when they are really fresh......MMMmmmmm!


Wow, Old Tom looks JUST like my father-in-law! Spooky! :o

Also, after seeing that, I think you could make a good Paula Deen. And Tom could be Bobby Flay, I think he could do Bobby Flay. :D

But I happen to enjoy (most) Mexican candy. ;)


This was fun! I get the heebie jeebies very easily...so I totally avoid "scary" movies! My husband, on the other hand, LOVES them! Hmmm....
I love toosie rolls too! YUM! (But only when they're soft...hard is not so fun...although you still get the chocolate taste....) Anyway, fun! :)


Fun meme! I loved reading your answers. I too had a similar experience after Mom died although it was about 3 or 4 days later. That time was so stressful with all of us moving and everything going on. I'm amazed we didn't end up in the looney-bins.

And I do agree.........TOOTSIE-ROLLS ROCK! They taste like chocolate, but are almost fat-free. (Isn't that considered nutritious?)

No Cool Story

"I'm also pretty sure this will not be that interesting to anyone"
Super cool MeMe!!!
I LOVE scary movies, and scary books, and scary scaries, but they have to be about ghosts or not real stuff, I don't watch serial killers, bloody murders, etc.
"The Shining" the last one (mini-series) was so good! you should have seen it, the book? lots better.

ITA with Gabriela about Mexican candy: gross, chili powder on everything :(

Good Meme Shelly! Good memories.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Oh, yay!!! This was a really fun themey Meme. We went trick-or-treating once in Kennewick and you had to be older than 10 - it was the year we were 13 because my family had moved to the house on Dayton (as opposed to the other two on 20th and 21st). I was wearing a clown costume. That was a really fun night.


Oh yeah! That's right. Wasn't it for a Mutual halloween party or something? I think we just went to ward members houses...

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