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October 16, 2006



I can totally relate to all of that. I having to call tech support. That was about the run around we got when we first moved into our house and tried to set up the phone. It took 2-3 weeks for them to set it up finally. Needless to say, we were not happy home owners. Did you finally get it all worked out? You must have in order to blog about it.

So sorry you had to go through that.


Ick! Is your mind still numb?

It's really smart of you to keep a transcript of your calls like that. I'm sure if you have any further problems they will be helpful in proving what help you haven't received in the past. ;)


WOW -- what a description! I have felt like that many times -- getting the run around. Looks like you held your ground and came out of it OK? I hope you did anyway.

Too funny -- you're very creative. It was very fun to read.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Comedy gold, lady. I'm sorry you had such a hard time and I hope it's all worked out now, but these are the things that make blogging that much more worthwhile. You had me at "ahhhh... Musak...." LOL!!! This was very creative. :)


RaNell - yeah its all fixed...for this month anyway.

Nettie - that's what I'm all about, the documentation of incompetance. (Hey, potential nex blog header there...)

Handie-Steph - I forgot to get the credit for the outage time, but other than that its all sorted out. Now I'm just debating if its worth it to try and get that, or should I take "Kim's" advice and just let sleeping dogs lie?

Millie-Nat - I swear all representations of the operators were based in truth, exagerated, but based in truth. I should be thanking them I suppose for bloggable drama? Because we all know I never am dramatic enough on my own. Don't we???

No Cool Story

::grin stupidly:: ahhhh…Musak…

LOL. Poor you, I hate that, specially the part where you have to tell the same dumb story to 4 different people, and pressing your account number over and over, it's like "HEY! don't you keep track of all this on your computer? isn't this way St. Al Gore invented Teh Internets??!, so we could have a sharing od information in the Information Super Highway?".
Never had a problem with my ISP, and for that I luv them.

Glad you are back from uncyberspace.

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