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September 11, 2006


No Cool Story

May we never have to endure such a lesson again.
Thanks for that

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

That picture is haunting.

Speaking of forgetting already, you know what bugged me about today is how few people were wearing red-white-and-blue. Not that that's a good indicator of patriotism, but I remember the first and second anniversaries when everyone was so gung-ho and "never forget". It was a day for lighting candles and being quiet and remembering and draping everything with the flag... and now it's, Oh yeah, except for the people who lost loved ones.

I lost something too - my country. As I knew it, it died that day. Now it's another place entirely. I still love it but it'll never be the same again. And my feeble attempt at remembering that life-altering day is wearing something to remind me and others... I wish I saw more of it.


It was the same thing here. Pretty sad that last Thursday when the Steelers were playing my kids came home from school telling me "Tommorrow is black and gold day Mom!" But apparently Sept. 11th doesn't rate as high as "Black and Gold" SAD!

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