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September 12, 2006



I got "hate shivers" when you said a bat. Seriously? A bat? EWWWWWW!!!!!


Those are the most darling photos!

I am freaking out with you over the bats. When we lived in Jersey we realized we had had one in the house for over a week. Our son had been complaining of something scary, we just thought it was his imagination. Turned out it wasn't. We weren't as nice, though. My husband used a broom and a shovel instead of the laundry basket. He absolutely hates them, having had several show up in his house while growing up (old farmhouse under renovations for years).

So, then about a year ago, he attends a lecture on rabies where they make the statement that anyone who has slept in a house with a live bat needs to have the rabies shot series even if there is no evidence of a bite. Another freak. We decided they must be crazy. Hopefully, we are right. And aren't you glad you found your first before bedtime and your second was already dead? Is your kitty at risk, though?

(Oh, and I tagged you for a meme. No, pressure though. Especially if you are busy dealing with bat issues!)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

I'll have you know I was eating a sandwich that I had to bravely keep chewing after I read about your bat shenanigans.

Alex looks adorable, and I'm thinking you need to save those to put in his senior yearbook. ;)

Jamie J

Ewww! Too creepy! A wingless bat is NOT something I want to find in my house! I would have chucked it out the window too.


I'm beginning to suspect some foul play!! I would have freaked out at the wingless bat!! ICK!!

Ann I

That is quite possibly the cutest Captain Hook ever! :)

No Cool Story

I thought (such an airhead sometimes) that the wingless bat was a nice way to call a "mouse".
Then I thought that the wingless bat was still alive...gross. You are a brave woman again, picking up the thing with a trash bag, yikes!.
I never want to see a bat up close, wings or no wings. Or a mouse.

Anyways, Alex looks soooo cute! I agree: the cutest Red headed Captain Hook ever :)


That is just crazy!

The past two weeks we have had weird bat things in our community as well. There have been two kids (one the first week and one the second week)bring a bat to school. Well the weird thing is the first bat after the school found out the kid had brought it took it to be euthanized(sp?). Then after it was it tested positive for rabies. There were 3-4 kids that had to go to the hospital to get rabies shots because when they tried to pet it at school it scratched them. The second bat brought to school did not test positive for rabies. But they did say that rabies is most common in bats. Not to freak you out even more but I would watch your cat if I were you. I don't think you want rabies running through your house.

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