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September 24, 2006


Thoroughly Mormon Millie

That sounds like a good time to feign innocence. "Sexy? What does that mean?"

I remember feeling that way with play make-up too. I guess it's probably a normal development thing, but STILL. Toy advertising people need to change their focus (not that they will, but they should) from sex to good housekeeping.

"Look at the way she can pick up debris with her new toy Dustbuster!"


"Who told her that!?" (That would be MY first thought!) My second? "You're absolutely right dear! You look fabulous!" I would hope giving her different words would distract from my shattered innocence at using the S word! :)


Yeah, I'm not worried, lol. She's such a delightfully innocent 10 year old. Still it shocked me, then cracked me up. Hey she's a middle school aged kid and has an decent self esteem, I'm good with that. Now had she actually looked sexy...I might have a problem on my hands!!


Sadly, I think "sexy" is just a term for what we may called pretty or cute or ok I'll admit we used the word hot when I was a kid. (that is just as bad!) I don't think they really understand the meaning behind that. I once had a teen girl tell me that my infant looked sexy!

Thanks for your comments on my post about having more kids. I think we are of the same mind. No babies now, but maybe later. I always thought I would "know" Oh well just goes to show how much you don't know until you are actually in a situation!

No Cool Story

I love your new colors! (new to me), love the lovely banner too, so much loveliness.

I tell Fashionista (who is 12): "Stop growing so fast, just yesterday you were my little baby... wait a minute, you are still my baby!" Ha, she loves that -not-.
I agree with Stephanie, they just don't understand what sexy means. You did a good job not freaking out.
As you said, as long as she doesn’t look sexy everything is a o.k.

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