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September 16, 2006



Hmmm...Now I've got to think of some answers to those same questions! :) I LOVE that you quoted "Pinky and the Brain!" My family is absolute Animainiac Maniacs! Now I'm going to wander my house giggling to myself over Pinky quotes..."Uh, I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find rope at this hour?"

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Oh boy... me? I'm so excited! Thank you! :)

No Cool Story

It should be all about you.
We like the same music! Love The Cure (all of their albums), RHCP, U2, Gorillaz & Plumb ('God shaped hole' is an awesome song). How cool are we huh? HUH?
Love the Pinky & The brain quote, aaah, good times.
You tagged me? YAY! I must be very special or something.

No Cool Story

Is Handiemom coming back? What is it that she's not telling?
Bet you told too much already, right? am I right?


Dawnyel, lol! P: Gee, Brain, what are you doing over there?
B: Pondering your afterlife, Pinky.
TMM, try not to let it go to your head, ;)
NCS: We are very cool. And you are very special. As for Handiemom, lets just say its been a "fruitful summer" in Apple Valley...next February's harvest should be awesome!


Yay! You played! We still haven't done Hershey yet. It's definitely on our must do list, though.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Well, HELLO, Stephanie! We've been busy over there, have we? :) Yay!

My meme will be up sometime this week.

"Try not to let it go to your head..." lol what a brat you are.

No Cool Story

Muy interesante...


Millie - I'll have you know my brattiness is my favorite thing about me...well next to my good looks of course...:DDD

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Yo - my post is finally up. :) Enjoy it with a bag of Hershey's Kisses.

No Cool Story

Mine is up too.
I'll take a couple of Hershey's, thanks.

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