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August 14, 2006



I love that here, our Walmart GIVES the lists out. I haven't checked for whether or not they have the middle school lists, but I'm sure they do. But from my experiences going to high/middle school, they always give more supplies when you go on that first day anyway!! ARGH!!


Our Walmart gives out lists too Dawnyel, but not our schools -- at least not until after the school releases it. But thanks for the idea.

Sister Stephanie

I'm sorry your school sounds very strict! We did get Hannah's list from the school office. I don't know what she would have done if they wouldn't have given it to us. She was so jealous that her sister's was "on the website" What they do for elementary school that you no longer get in middle school. *sigh*


Steph - Addie's picture is on the website? Or her school suppy list? Brooke's will eventually be on the website, but not until after we get the team information. So next Thursday remind me I need to call the school...

No Cool Story

I hear your pain.
I never had this problem with neither elementary nor MS, but there's no way to find out HS's stuff. Can you believe I have a child in H.S.? carzy.
Anyways, boo hoo for you. Sorry

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