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August 06, 2006



I LOVE those comments by Alex. It sometimes takes a child to show us our true thoughts on the subject! He sounds like a total boy, and you have nothing to be worried about...they all start out that way! :)
Church always makes me happy, and I'm glad I'm not alone in that thought! :)


Oh! The memories of the "good ole days". The days of entertaining small children during sacrament meeting. Sigh. I do remember taking my sister's kids one week. My nephew had a problem with constipation and had been to the doctor several times. . . he was about 4. The sacrament was being passed, and for once all was really quiet. (An unusual event that our bishop was always trying to attain.) My nephew, in a louder than normal voice, so that it carried REALLY well in the quiet chapel says, "can I have an enema up my butt please Aunt Kathie?" So, be grateful for the non-burying of weapons. ;-) And be sure and print out your journal entry for Alex's future wife to share when he complains of his own children's behavior during church. LOL It is good when life is never dull.


I love that idea for passing the time (reverently) during Sacrament with young children. Thanks!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

OK, I changed my name again. Heads' up.

I LOVE Mary Greer-Short. She was the YW president when I moved over to Richland. Remember that? She is such an awesome woman. Love her.

Sacrament meeting was hard again yesterday... Roz was at her best. We had a temple recommend interview after church and we were joking around with the bishop about her... he said, "Is that YOUR kid that makes that horrible screaming noise?"

Yes. (hanging head in shame)


Kathie -- Oh my that is a good one! There are probably families still telling that story that were completely unconnected with the event!

Nat/Millie, how funny! I am tempted to drive up from our campsite (near Yahauts I gather) on Sunday morning just to verify your tales! I forget that we may know some Richlanders in common too.

No Cool Story

Ha ha, great post. Wish I had read it on Sunday.
Maybe not, I'd be laughing through Sacrament, just thinking about it.

"No making noise during the STCIorP"!


I love the Sabbath and I love your post.

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