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August 25, 2006



WHEW! You were a busy family! "Glasses story!?" I'm intrigued! Patiently awaiting THAT story!! :) Glad you were all safe also! (Sorry we can't say that for the passengers on the plane NEXT to your kids!! LOL)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Hey, awesome, you're home! I was wondering how the trip went. Lunch at RR was an unforgettable experience. :) Have fun getting back to normal!


You weren't busy at all, were you! LOL :) Glad you had a fun time!


Not home then...am now! This update was from Dad's house 1/2 way thru the trip. Another update should follow tomorrow...well later today as it is 2:00 am right now...I am soooo not on East coast time anymore...


Aquarium on Monday?? Tell me it wasn't the one in Newport on Monday--where WE WERE!! LOL Glad you had the chance to be with everyone. And my heart went out to you being home and not having your mom. It never goes away, and we are never too old to miss them terribly. Hugs.


ooh ... airplane story sounds fun! share!!

(glad you're back and glad you had fun!!)

No Cool Story

What a busy week!. Glad you are back home safe and hopefully with lots of pics.
I had a great time meeting the famous Sketchy and familia.

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