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August 08, 2006


Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Where is this Tom now, that I may keel him?

My grandfather used to say about environmentalists (I know they're not the same as these protesters but the attitude is similar) who wanted to break down the dams in the Gorge:

"I hope they all go starve to death somewhere in their cold mud huts."

Life without Bechtel and other corporations like it would be completely unrecognizable to these potty-mouthed goons.



You know that Evil Bert is behind it all. He is manipulating Bechtel as well as Bin Laden for his own diabolical schemes. Conspiracy theorists are somewhat correct, there is one man controlling the world, Evil Bert. http://www.bertisevil.tv/pages/bert038.htm

Seriously, Taliban demonstrators used this picture of Evil Bert on their signs without knowing it. It was in the news. http://www.bertisevil.tv/img/osamabinladen/bertandbin.htm

Now why did the Pittsburgh protestors not put Evil Bert on their posters; he's the real evil. No! They just went all origami on us. http://www.august6.org/node/165

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Is Bert really evil, or is he just misunderstood?

Think about it... Ernie's the popular one, the smart one, the clever one, the better-looking one (no unibrow). And Bert's favorite thing in the world is the pigeon, basically a rat with wings. Does Bert have a shot in Hades of having anyone accept him?

I think we need to show Bert some love. Poor guy, the least we could do is pass him a pair of tweezers.


I live in Houston, the very Hub of the Evil Empire known as.......duh duh duh Halliburton!

Meh, I always think that if these protesters had regular productive lives, with like, you know, jobs, and everything, they just wouldn't have the time or energy to waste like this.

I HEART Glenn Beck!

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