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August 10, 2006



This was fun...my family is the Chicken-shorts! (What a visual!)
I'm Oprah, my husband Crusty, and my son: Zippy!


Hey Shelly!

It's been a while since I have visited your site but my name is Pinky Cootie-Pants, Seth is Tulefel Cootie-Pants and our kids, Loopy, Poopsie, Goober, and Tulefel Jr.

Sister Stephanie

Hey! I differentiated myself from the other Stephanie who comments on your wonderful blogs as well. I know I've been a slacker, but I checked out your site tonight and I loved it. You have so many great ideas for blogging -- it's like you were born to do it.

So I'm Crusty Gizard-Face (how similar to yours - wierd considering we have different first and last names), Wade is Gidget (even wierder) and our kids are Pinky, Gidget II, Cheeseball (that fits) and Poopsie.


Oprah aka Dawnyel -- if the Chicken shorts fit, wear 'em!

Pinky aka RaNell -- lol, I figured out the Cootie-pants thing. But hey if you say it fast it sounds like cutie-pants, that's not so bad!

Crusty aka Stephanie -- Our parents weren't very original were they... How funny that our names are so similar! Hard to imagine which is worse!

PS: Our kids are really looking forward to seeing Loopy, Poopsie, Goober, Tulefel, Pinky, Gidget, Cheeseball and Poopsie II soon! We can't believe it's less than a week now!!!


EWWWWW!!!! My name is Crusty Girdle Chunks. Crusty seems to be a common first name, but Girdle Chunks! NASTY!

I am married to Stinky, I have a Crusty Jr. and then there is our little Snotty...Girdle Chunks.


Ewww!! Stephanie, I thought my name was unbeatable in ewwww-iness, but Crusty Girdle-Chunks, in fact Stinky, Crusty, Crusty II, and Snotty you have my apologies for posting this! LOL


I'm Pinky Gizzard Shorts. Guess it beats chunks in my girdle. LOVE Dav Pilkey!

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