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August 05, 2006


No Cool Story

Oingo: I had a boyfriend is HS who loved OB. Just like you, I wasn’t impressed either.
Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory: I watched it for the first time ever 4 years ago. I was so not impressed, I was actually creeped out by out. The oompa loompas? S-c-a-r-y

Charlie & the chocolate factory: anything with Johnny Deep is worth watching, so I did (even though the thought of the original one still made break out into a cold sweat): LOVED it!
Elfman: totally LOVE him!

I'm with yo,u Long live Elfman
And oingo Boingo is OK now :D


I LOVED Oingo Boingo in HS. I had no idea who they were, but I loved every song of theirs I heard. It wasn't until I married my music junkie DH that I found out Danny Elfman was one of them. He had all of their albums and I finally had a source to all of those songs. Nice.

Do you remember when Van Halen and Bon Jovi were hard rock?

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

I adore Danny Elfman. I wish I'd been into OB too - Bri loves them. Every soundtrack I've heard him do has been awesome - I think my favorite is the first "Batman" movie.

And I forgot Johnny Depp did "Willie Wonka"... guess what movie I'll be renting next. ;)


Hey, the insect song is a classic. Oingo is for the classical trained ear, to savor each crunchy morsel. Start off with a little "Insects", then progress to the first course of "Only a Lad" with a side of "Grey Matter". And finally the main dish, "Weird Science" over a creamy "I'm so Bad" sauce (That'll put some hair on your chest). And to finish the meal, "Reptiles and Samurais" with for dessert.

Well, at least I didn't start Shelly off with "Wild Sex in the Working Class" (from Sixteen Candles).


You are a naughty naughty boy. I have no response to this at all.

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