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August 15, 2006



I think I suffer from the same disorders! I get psycho on my boys when we have to leave on a trip. Clean house, laundry, and even those special clothing logs!! How funny! Maybe we're related in that weird long-distance trip way! :)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

I'm the total opposite when it comes to trips... I wish I was more like you.

Can't wait to see you (and the new glasses)!!!

Sister Stephanie

Wow -- your literary talents astound me. You should write books -- truly you are very talented. How fun it was to read about your goings on while you're getting ready to come visit.

Can't wait to see you!


Dawnyel - I knew I couldn't be the only one, hurrah for clothing logs!

Nat - No you don't. Trust me, neuroses are dangerous things. You are much better off without them!

Steph - aw gwash! Fanks.

See 2 of you soon, Dawnyel perhaps in our dreams... ;)


I love your writing style! Makes me smile! :)

No Cool Story

Camping long distance is a lot of work and prep.
But I guess it's worth the adventure (ha ha, I can say that now 'cause I'm not going camping this weekend).

Can't wait to meet you, you over-rained Pittsburghnian with and over active chronic Pendingtripitis

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