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July 14, 2006


Naddin J

DANG IT. I wish I'd read your blog sooner. Bri brought home a roast last night for dinner today, and if I'd seen your recipe... CRAPOLA.

That's funny about the missionary dinner thing - sounds pretty haphazard. Someone should be notified about the ineffectuality of their method. (Is that a word?)

By the way, your Mathilda letter totally cracked me up. I read my post today before I put it up and thought, OK, here we go, I will now be known as "Stinkbag," do I dare? But your comments made it totally worth it. :) As always.

Kathryn, dym

You know what? I've never been stood up by the missionaries. It seems the missionaries here like to eat. Although last week they got something defrosted and pre-prepared, it was the thought that counted, I thought. That is strange with your ward. I wonder if you could do something where someone called everyone up at the beginning of the month and said, "What night would be good for your family to have the missionaries over?" People would be CHEESED! But it would be kind of fun and el-missionarios wouldn't starve to death.


Laughing over the missionaries standing you up. We went through a phase where we got stood up by a particular pair on more than one occasion. Wards are funny things with missionary calendars. Ours went through a phase where we couldn't feed them unless we had investigators over--that meant some hungry guys, I tell ya!

Thanks for the recipe--I have this recipe and went through a phase of making it a lot. It has been a long while, so it is time again. ;-)

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