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June 27, 2006


Naddin J

Rain? Anywhere else besides Seattle? That's INCONTHIEVABLE! Next, you'll be telling us it rains in Portland. Completely messed up.


It is definitely different going from an area where there is little rain to an area where it rains lots. It's like a whole new culture.

The funniest was when we lived in Aberdeen and my friend had just planted new grass and was trying to get it to grow. She kept expecting the rain to come and water it! "If it doesn't rain soon, my grass will die" she told me. So I said "Want to borrow my sprinkler?" It was like the concept never crossed her mind.


You are so right Steph, its really funny that way. Its just funny how many times I've heard the "Seattle" comment since I've moved here. Now granted 99% of the people only know Washington by Seattle, but it comes up in completely random conversation too, where I have not mentioned anything about being from Washington.

But it works the reverse too, I remember answering an online poll thing once where the question was "Are you still watering your garden?" (it was about August) I interpretted this as --have you given up on the garden because its just too darned hot to get out there to weed/water it. What they meant was "Is it raining enough yet that you don't have to water your garden?" That interpretation never crossed my mind, lol. There are places where you don't have to water your garden??? Insanity!


Oh Shelly!! This is just too funny. But all of us out here in the "wet" state know that it rains differently here but we like the rumor that has been spread that it rains here ALL the time. Don't go trying to change that picture of our state just because you have moved--we still don't want the secret out. LOL ;-) And if you figure snow into the equation and not just rain, it is even a bigger difference. (Ok, well, on this side of the mountain anyway.) Have you made a flip chart up yet to carry in your purse so you can prove it to the people of Pittsburgh when they comment?? Or maybe just little business cards with the URL of the site that shows the comparison?? :-) Gotta love ya.


LOL - similar to the comments I get that it must snow here all the time in the great white north!


LOL Kathie -- I am so sorry I didn't realize that this was a tightly held Washington State secret! Blame it on me being from the "other-side". But I would have thought with the California incursion you'd be used to people moving up. Oh and the flip chart is an awesome idea! I could do make it with that clear stuff...I think I still have some left over from the days of paper-scrapping... Thats you though, always thinking!

And Jan, I know you are snowed in right now, with nothing better to do than pretend that you have days of warmth and sunshine, I don't blame you -- you have to do something to deal with the cabin fever -- but you can't fool me!!!

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