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June 22, 2006


Naddin J

Simply gorgeous :) I think you appreciate being a mom even more because of your prior attitude. Good for you.


Thank you for writing this beautiful post! You've seen BOTH sides of the issue, and share your stand so well!

No Cool Story

What an amazing post, wow! your DH most be very proud of you :)
You are very brave, to let go of the life you wanted, to do what was best for your children and thus finding your real life.
You brought tears to my eyes

Mama Darlin

Well said! I truly agree with the fact that as mothers we have to lose "our" life in that sense, to find the life that is far more precious than any other, leading, guiding, and loving the children of God in our stewardship! Thank you for this wonderful reminder!


wow. i'm going to process this then email you. you wrote so lovely about an issue that's so divided.


Amen. Whatever choices we make--to stay at home or not to--we have to feel the peace that you have achieved. It is the ability to feel that peace that makes it the right one for you. So glad you realize it and therefore can enjoy it.

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