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June 30, 2006



I hope she decides on the pocket one- love the idea! And, thanks for the waffle recipe, I'm printing it for John who's the waffle maker over here!


YAY on getting the house sold....
YAY on getting to come back to the West side this summer(my kids are dying for their cousins).....
Double YAY on doing invitations for your hairdresser (you're so talented)......
And YAY on the great waffle recipe. (It looks very nummy.)

(Sorry but Alex does not deserve a YAY. Maybe next week?)

Naddin J

Absolutely, let's do lunch dahlink! (Kiss kiss) Let me know when. Congrats on the house-selling!

Again, I feel like a shmo for not doing my recipe on Friday. Sorry.

I'm convinced that the farther the kid is from the oldest, the more strong-willed he is. Look out for Roz in a few years.


Those invitations are awesome Shelly! Congrats on the house sale. I am so relieved for you. The waffels look really yummy!


Guess what we had for breakfast this morning?? And I had to blame it all on you. ;-) Never bought the snoqualmie mix before--not too shabby. AND I got a new waffle maker (mine died years ago and never was replaced because I HATE making them.) THIS ONE IS WONDERFUL!! Seriously, it takes like one minute per waffle!!! Never had them cook so fast. Once the darn thing heats up it goes--and then beeps audibly when they are done. Good thing...cuz I would have burnt them for sure it was that fast!! So, if you haven't gotten a new one in a few years, Shelly, go for it. It makes it wonderful to be done so fast!!

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