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June 23, 2006


Naddin J

I still can't get my mind around bread pudding. Gross. I'm not sure chocolate would even make it better (did I just say that?). But I must say I admire your graphic abilities. I think I've found my new computer challenge. :)


Trust me...make a 1/2 recipe in a smaller pan...you're gonna love it... Think of it like pudding in a pie crust thats basically this only more mixed together.


I'll have to try this although you are right, I think Mom preconditioned me to think negatively about bread pudding. Because everytime I think of it, I have to control my gag reflex.

But I promise you, I will try this recipe and let you know how it turns out!

P.S. I spaced on the recipe last Friday. I think the summer heat must be getting to me. Sorry!

No Cool STory

I heart bread pudding. I doubly heart bread pudding with chocolate, yum.
(Also, I don’t care for white chocolate). Thanks for the recipe; I’ll try making it as soon as I can catch up with all the Friday Recipes , I’m so behind

PS. Did you know that if you close the window BEFORE doing the “intelligence posting test” you comment will not show up? And thus, you have to retype everything again ;)


Good to know NCS! Good to know -- and I am so glad someone finally showed up who believes me how yummy this is. I think its the name -- they should call it brownies in pudding, or pudding pie or something and people would gobble it up!


Your kidding me, right?? You were brave enough to get past the conditioned response we all have to this?? Maybe I feel that gag reflex still because I have made (and therefore tasted) rice pudding and know first-hand that IS really gross and therefore believe my parents on the "bread pudding = yuck" response? My culinary skills are so out of practice, and the few (and rare) moments I do more than microwave something I tend to aim for the tried and true things that I know I am going to love. Hmmmm. I will put it on the "try it" list, but I will tell everyone you get the credit. . .and/or the blame. ;-)


Oh yum! I adore bread pudding - especially when it comes with a yummy rum sauce. Ack - your killing me. I am trying so hard to diet right now :(

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